Saturday, November 29, 2008

Review by Alex Pattakos, Author of Prisoners of Our Thoughts (A Best-Seller in Spain!)

I'm going to do a few postings with a variety of the book's reviews, so you can see all the different and insightful perspectives! Here's the first:

Review from Alex Pattakos, March 24, 2008
Sheila Ortego "Sheila Ortego" (Santa Fe, NM) - See all my reviewsHere's a review from Alex Pattakos, author of Prisoners of Our Thoughts: The Road from La Cueva"A powerful and passionate story about the defiance of the human spirit! The Road from La Cueva is an existential drama that needs to be read by anyone who has ever questioned the deeper meaning of their life's circumstances. In an engaging and empowering style, Dr. Sheila Ortego takes us on an adventurous road trip through the hills and valleys of the human experience. And she does it with characters with whom we can all resonate on some level! Here's an intimate, authentic account of the struggle within that all of us, as human beings, must face in our everyday lives."

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