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THE ROAD FROM LA CUEVA, a 2008 New Mexico Book Award winner, is charged with emotion and sensuality, and is a book many women relate to. If you enjoyed The Beans of Egypt Maine, you'll enjoy this book as well.

Midwest Book Review recommends it highly to romance fans: 'Ana must overcome these problems and somehow find a resolution – deftly told by Sheila Ortego'. Miriam Sagan, author of Searching for a Mustard Seed, says: 'Rooted in the land, in women's friendship, and in the mother-daughter bond...this novel has a lot of heart.' Front Street Reviews says: 'The author of this book deserves the best of reviews for this touching, heart melting story that could be of any one of our lives.'

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New Review by Rudolfo Anaya, Author of "Bless Me, Ultima"

Here's a new review of the book by Rudolfo Anaya, bestselling author of "Bless Me, Ultima". I'm honored to be reviewed by this author!

"The search for meaningful relationships is the theme of this excellent first novel by Sheila Ortego. The Road From La Cueva winds from the despair of the cave to eventual freedom. Set in the real earth and traditions of New Mexico, this moving story will garner many readers." Rudolfo Anaya

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A journey taken, January 4, 2009
By Patricia M. Mcdowell

The Road to La Cueva is a book which takes root in the soul growing from a tiny bud to a tree full of wisdom and possibility, unafriad to shed its leaves and change with the seasons. Sheila Ortego weaves the warp and the weft of disapointments and challenges into a fabric of tenderness and compassion that warms the body of women with the comfort of a shawl. The strength of Anna, her tears and laughter,her courageous actions bring color to a life dulled by fear. We find ourselves on a quest as we walk with Anna through her uncertainities and struggles. We feel in our bellies her determination as she leavse the familiarity of abuse moving forward one slow step at a time to create a life with meaning and purpose. The relationships woven between Mother, daughter and friend are rich with compassion, understanding and a woman's gift of speaking without words.

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The Road From La Cueva

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Review by Lola R. Eagle


The Road From La Cueva

Sunstone Press, ISBN 978-0-86534-588-1

$26.95 Amazon


This beautifully done novel pulls the reader along through the trials of a young mother, unhappy in her marriage yet reluctant to do anything about it. Her home is thirty miles out in an undeveloped area. She resents the inconvenience, her husband’s lack of respect for her, his obsessive controlling, and the fact that he hasn’t provided the home he promised.

Working as a lab technician in a Santa Fe hospital, she meets a male nurse who is attracted to her. She sneaks an affair into her life which goes on for some time, until her lover breaks it off because she won’t leave her husband, being afraid of a confrontation.

She then gives up her job at the hospital to avoid her estranged lover.

During this time she becomes friends with a fiercely independent Indian woman who lives alone in the same neighborhood. From this friendship she derives strength of her own and builds her independence, finally divorcing her husband and starting a new job and a new life.

After taking care of her friend through a terminal illness, she finds herself no longer afraid to face life. She decides to reconnect with her lover.

This is a well-written story with only occasional typographical errors, the most disconcerting of which was the use of hyphens in place of commas in many places which makes the reader stumble over the meaning of the phrase. However, all in all, well worth reading for its examination of a woman’s psyche and her spiritual growth.

12/08 Reviewed by Lola R. Eagle, author of From the Eye of an Eagle

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THE ROAD FROM LA CUEVA combines the sensuality of a warm Southwest setting with a love story and a psychological study of a woman in need of redemption, resulting in a book Front Street Reviews contends a story that "could be any one of our lives."

The book is a 2008 New Mexico Book Award Winner in the First Book category, and Miriam Sagan, winner of the National Association of Independent Publishers' Best Memoir award and author of Searching for a Mustard Seed says: 'Rooted in the land, in women's friendship, and in the mother-daughter bond...this novel has a lot of heart.'

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