Sunday, January 11, 2009

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A journey taken, January 4, 2009
By Patricia M. Mcdowell

The Road to La Cueva is a book which takes root in the soul growing from a tiny bud to a tree full of wisdom and possibility, unafriad to shed its leaves and change with the seasons. Sheila Ortego weaves the warp and the weft of disapointments and challenges into a fabric of tenderness and compassion that warms the body of women with the comfort of a shawl. The strength of Anna, her tears and laughter,her courageous actions bring color to a life dulled by fear. We find ourselves on a quest as we walk with Anna through her uncertainities and struggles. We feel in our bellies her determination as she leavse the familiarity of abuse moving forward one slow step at a time to create a life with meaning and purpose. The relationships woven between Mother, daughter and friend are rich with compassion, understanding and a woman's gift of speaking without words.

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