Thursday, February 19, 2009

Review from March issue of New Mexico Magazine!

The Road from La Cueva
By Sheila Ortego
Sunstone Press
144 pages, cloth, $26.95
The fire in the marriage of protagonist Ana Howland has gone out—or was it ever there in the first place? At the novel’s start, Ana begins to feel the burning pangs of suffocation caused by her controlling husband, but she hasn’t yet found the strength to escape, and dreads the perilous trip down the muddy, twisting road to her home in the small northern New Mexican village of La Cueva. But throughout the course of this novel, the same road that has led her to despair is also her lifeline. In this story of self-discovery, author Sheila Ortego, who is the president of Santa Fe Community College, gently and artistically probes the heartbreaks and triumphs along one woman’s journey to independence. The Road from La Cueva was honored as the Best Book from a First-Time Author at the 2008 New Mexico Book Awards.

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