Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wowzio Tag Cloud

So I just installed a 'Wowzio Tag Cloud' and will see how well that does with luring Oprah to my blog!!! (You know, Oprah WINFREY, of 'The Oprah Effect'?)

Besides, I think Oprah likes a lot of the same books I do, as listed on my Huffington Post article.

Here are some more "chick books" I highly recommend: Eat, Pray, Love; Breaking Her Fall; The Secret Life of Bees; The Beans of Egypt, Maine; Water for Elephants.

That's it for now -- off to start my next novel -- something on death, canoeing, redemption, water, nature, that.


lrogers said...

Boy, one busy lady. :) Hope Oprah finds it. You could send her a gratis copy of your book and see what happens there. :) That's sort of what I plan for my cookbook I am praying to have out soon. :)

Terri B. said...

Nice cloud! I've been thinking about experimenting with tag clouds on my library instruction pages at work. I'm a rather linear person and love lists, but I'm thinking that the younger students might prefer the cloud structure.