Sunday, July 19, 2009

Henry Finney Inspired This Poem

I really liked Henry Finney's 'Monster Myths' poem at the Live Poets Society meeting today - in fact, it inspired this poem. I can't explain it - it's sort of silly - like a dream - one in which good prevails, but you are left wondering what the tiger is all about. Illness? Work? Uncertainty? Maybe I will figure it out as I rewrite it a few times, but here my rendition is, as it stands today...

Tiger Hunger

You are swinging your arms
Walking on sunshine
So tall, the trees shimmer below
And the clouds circle your head

Everything is wrapped up
Tied in a shiny bow
I hang on your waist
Like Curious George
And you like the man in the Yellow Hat

And just when all is right with the world
This god-damned tiger
Leaps from undergrowth
Knocks you down
Starts gnawing on your leg

One funny thing I notice
Is that the tiger is smiling
He has you!!
He glances up to see if you’re writhing
but there’s not much pain
and no blood to speak of

You peel him off
(Taking action to save yourself! Good!)
And lean over to inspect the wound
It’s about 8 inches long
Enough to warrant stitches
He watches from the sidelines,
Still smiling, Cheshire-like.

He speaks.

Breakfast of champions,
he says
I’m a pro
Only the best for me, Sports Dude
Today, basketball players
Tomorrow, I’ll check out the hockey.


Tiina said...

I like this poem.:) By the way, I'm the one who won a copy of your book in Terri's giveaway contest. I'll let you know, when I post my review of the book.


Sheila said...

Ah - how wonderful! Thanks for writing! I am happy to be getting another reader/reviewer!