Sunday, November 1, 2009

Another Review - The Road From La Cueva

And here are the lovely reviews from Andrew Weiss and Mike Costello - Nice...

A Non-fiction guy gets into a fiction chick book - who knew?, October 29, 2009
Andrew Weiss "Andrew" (Bethesda, MD USA) - See all my reviewsAfter browsing in a bookstore and finding nothing of particular interest I came across this book. I usually have a very hard time keeping my interest in fiction, particularly works that stray from the standard guy themes (Ludlum, Griffin, etc.) But I found this work particularly captivating and engaging. A relatively quick read, the powerful scenery descriptions that Ortego employs in creating her story is really quite remarkable. The story is believable and captivating. I highly recommend and am looking forward to her next effort.

A Woman of Valor, October 27, 2009
Michael L. Costello (Santa Fe, NM) - See all my reviews
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?) I cut my teeth on mystery novels and they're still my favorite reading, so I surprised myself by reading Sheila's movel at the recommendation of a friend. I loved her book -- and that's not something I say very often. Sheila told a story that was so real to me that I cried. Her Ana is indeed a woman of valor, fighting her way out of the dark into the light of friendship and love.

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